September 4, 2017

Executive Education Program


We have various programs for Investors, Managers, Finance Persons, Accountant and Various person seeking personal and professional development. We have a policy of giving best case study based education along with practical exposure in making best training and development. Our fees include; materials, certification, training, modules, template and network to RSTCA Alumini.

Our discount policy is

  1. 10% for Women,
  2. 50% for rural and marginalized group and disabled,
  3. 25% for students
  4. 20% from entrance exam of RSTCA
  5. Corporate will get  discount as per contract



Executive Education CEO and Entrepreneurship-12 weeks-5 hour a day
Executive Education Investment Banker-12 weeks-5 hour a day
Executive Education Professional Development-12 weeks-5 hour a day


Executive Education CEO and Entrepreneurship-3 months- 2 hour a day
Executive Education Investment Banker-3 months- 2 hour a day
Executive Education Professional Development-3 months- 2 hour a day


Professional Accounting Technician- 90days- 2hour a day@ USD300
Professional Accounting Technician- 45days- 2hour a day@USD200
Professional Accounting Technician- 30days- 2hour a day@ USD150
Corporate Personality Development- 30days- 2hour a day@ USD200
Corporate Management Skills-            30days- 2hour a day@ USD250


Advanced Excel- 3 days- 3 hour a day@ USD 75
Share Market Intro- 2 Days- 2 hour a day@ USD 25
Share Market Basics- 7 Days- 2 hour a day@ USD 60
Share Market Advanced-11 Days- 2 hour a day@ USD 125
Share Market Expert- 3 days- 4 hour a day@ USD 250
RSTCA International Club Membership- 50 hours@ USD 50-5000
Entrepreneurship Development Incubation- 100 hours@ USD 200+15% EQUITY
Entrepreneurship Development Accelerator- 100 hours@ USD 300+15% EQUITY


Billionaire Mindset (every 1st day of month) 8am- 10am
Share Market Challenge- 4 times- 2 hour a day
Entrepreneurship Challenge- 4 times- 2 hour a day
Personality Development Challenge- 4 times- 2 hour a day
Presentation Challenge – 4 times- 2 hour a day


Professional English from Cambridge- 1 month@1 hour a day@ USD50
SPSS and Data analysis- 7 days @3 hour a day @USD180
Psychology and Neuro Linguistic Programming- 10 days@ 2 hour a day@ USD125
Career Counseling and Choosing Right Career- 1 day@ 2 hour a day @USD25
Self Defense for Women’s- 1 day @7 hour a day @USD25
Training of Trainer- RSTCA- 10 day@ 2 hour a day @USD200


Free Demo Training USD 2 each day (Share Market- Sunday, Personality Development- Tuesday, Entrepreneurship- Friday)  Demo Only


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