September 6, 2017

RSTCA Stock Market Academy and Consulting

Stock market ticker wall in yellow with various numbers and graphs

Investment Consulting


  1. EUR/USD (euro/dollar) – “euro”
  2. USD/JPY (U.S. dollar/Japanese yen) – “gopher”
  3. GBP/USD (British pound/dollar) – “cable”
  4. USD/CHF (U.S. dollar/Swiss franc) – “swissie”

Commodity Market

  1. Gold
  2. Silver
  3. Crude Oil
  4. Copper
  5. Others

Stock Exchange

  1. NASDAQ (Only 5 major stock)
  2. NYSE (Only 5 major stock)
  3. LSE (Only 5 major stock)
  4. SGX (Only 5 major stock)

Registration fee is USD 200 for basic (fundamental and technical) USD 1000 for dedicated (fundamental and technical) and USD 2500 for Pro (fundamental and technical)

NEPSE Share Market Analysis and Portfolio Analysis Software (NEPSE GURU)

Only at $1500  $500

Payment can be made at

  1. Paypal:
  2. Payoneer:
  3. Skrill Money: 98978643
  4. E Sewa: +9779813913732
  5. Bank: Kumari Bank Limited, Durbarmarg, 1301524283660018, Raj Sharma Traders and Consulting Agency
  6. Cash: Dillibazar, CBM College, 3rd Floor, +9779840200230
  7. I Pay:
  8. Khalti: +9779840200230

Raj Sharma Traders and Consulting Agency
Kumari Bank Limited, DurbarMarg, Kathmandu, Nepal -Swift Code: KMBLNPKA

Raj Sharma Traders and Consulting Agency
Century Bank Limited,Puralisadak, Kathmandu, Nepal- Swift Code : CCBNNPKA




Contents of Basic Class:

  1. Risk and Return of Investing on Nepse
  2. Financial Market
  3. Investment, Speculation and Gambling
  4. Capital Market  and Money Market
  5. Stock Brokers and Market
  6. Merchant Bankers  and Stock Exchange
  7. Credit Rating and ICRA Nepal
  8. Mutual Fund and its benifits
  9. SEBON, NRB, Beema Samiti
  10. Common Stock and its features
  11. Fundamental Analysis
    • Factors affecting stock price
    • Study of Balance sheet
    • Study of Profit and Loss a/c
    • Key Ratios
    • Analysis  based on report published by listed companies of NEPSE
  12. NEPSE Index, Sector wise Index and its calculations
  13. IPO and its allotment  procedure
  14. Promotor share, Public share,  FPO, Right share and its auction
  15. Central Depository System  and its implication
  16. Portfolio and its uses
  17. Technical Chart Analysis
  18. Various Tools for Technical Analysis

Who are our Target Audience?

  • Investors
  • Bankers
  • Financial Professionals
  • Students etc

Training Duration

15 hours

Evening:  5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Fees : Rs. 10,000/

Admission open on every 1st and 15th of the month

Follow the following Link to register



Who are our Target Audience?

  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Bankers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • International Traders
  • Analyst
  • Mathematician
  • Professors
  • Chartered Accounts

Training Duration

20 hours

Fees : Rs. 20,000/- 

Admission open on every 1st of the month

Follow the following Link to register