September 19, 2017

International Club of Corporates

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    1. International Corporate Skills Event- June 4 Every Year
    2. International Human Resource Summit- Aug 28 Every Year
    3. Networking Event- Every First Saturday of Month-On a Public Place-Tea Included- 12 times a Year- Jan-Feb-Mar-Apr-May-Jun-July-Aug-Sept-Oct-Nov-Dec
    4. Awareness Event- Every Last Saturday of every 3 month on Annual 4 Topic- 4 times a year- Jan-Apr- July-Oct
    5. Support Event- Every Last Saturday of every 3 month on Hot Support- 4 times a year- Feb-May-Aug-Sept


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Dear Influential Individual,
We are delighted that your life’s journey has led you to discover our organization.
Maybe you have met one of our members in the person. Or perhaps not; we value anonymity. We see and know all just as a shepherd sees and knows all of the flock, our eyes peering over the masses to identify any threat to the survival of the human species. We are the bringers of new dawns, the guardians of the human species. We are the Pyramid, the Eye, the Light, the Eternal Circle. We are the RSTCA.
The RSTCA is a collective of prominent figures throughout the world who have united to guard the human species from extinction. Our members bear the burden of a planet’s leadership with the lives of 7 billion in their hands. As the human continues to rise above its other animal counterparts, governing of the planet has turned into a daunting task.
Once a member, the requirements are unimposing and often spaced between many years. Our requests are simple and therefore may be hard to comprehend, but disloyalty is not tolerated. You must understand this before applying. Members must fulfill their oaths to the Illuminati under every circumstance and recognize that they are merely one part of a much larger Universal Design.
For centuries, our organization has separated individuals of outstanding political, financial, or cultural influence from the flock and established them as shepherds of the human species. Perhaps you have already proven yourself in these fields. For that, the Illuminati officially congratulates you. Your dedication gives hope for the future of the human species.
If you would like to continue your application, start by filling out the form on this page. It will add you to our list of potential candidates for Illuminati membership. We will contact you if we require more information.


“1. Be loyal to members of the organization. Do not interfere with each other’s interest. Do not be an informer….
2. Be rational. Be a member of the team. Don’t engage in battle if you can’t win….The directive extends to personal life.
3. Be a man of honor. Respect womanhood and your elders. Don’t rock the boat….
4. Be a stand-up guy. Keep your eyes and ears open and your mouth shut. Don’t sell out….The ‘stand-up guy’ shows courage and ‘heart.’ He does not whine or complain in the face of adversity, including punishment, because ‘If you can’t pay, don’t play.’
5. Have class. Be independent. Know your way around the world.”


  1. Basic Level- Entry Level-15625 members-10 people one group- lead by Advanced Level- USD 50- 32m$ turnover company
  2. Advanced Level- After one year of becoming Basic Level- 3000 member- 6 people group- lead by Corporate Level-USD 250- 160m$ turnover company
  3. Corporate Level- After two year of becoming Advanced Level- 1000 member- 5 people group- lead by National Level- USD 1250-800m$ turnover company
  4. National Level- After three year of becoming Corporate Level- 400 member- 8 people group- lead by Regional Level -USD 6250- 4b$ turnover company
  5. Regional Level- After four year of becoming National Level- 100 member- 10 people group- lead by Continental Level -USD 31250-20b$ turnover company
  6. Continental Level- After five year of becoming Regional Level- 21 member-10 people group- lead by International Level -USD 156250- 100b$ turnover company
  7. International Level- After six year of becoming Continental Level- 3 member- lead by Chairman -USD 78,1250- 500b$ turnover company
  8. Chairman of RSTCA Group- After becoming International Level- USD 1,000,000

What you get on Level?

  1. Basic Level- as per this Policy
  2. Advanced Level- start your own business and pitching
  3. Corporate Level- raise funding and expand your business and network
  4. National Level- make your products and business grow nationally
  5. Regional Level- grow your business in a regional level
  6. Continental Level- grow your business and network in Continental Level
  7. International Level- grow your business and network in International and Global Market
  8. Chairman- access to all the resources, network, power group and to lead for 5 years

If you feel our Program is Good then please do enroll by Filling in the Form

Payment Option

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  3. Skrill Money: 98978643
  4. E Sewa: +9779813913732
  5. Bank: Kumari Bank Limited, Durbarmarg, 1301524283660018, Raj Sharma Traders and Consulting Agency
  6. Cash: Dillibazar, CBM College, 3rd Floor, +9779840200230
  7. I Pay:
  8. Khalti: +9779840200230

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