June 14, 2018

RSTCA Foundation

" Lets Change Life Around Us"


RSTCA Foundation is started to make change in society with the theme ” Education for All” , ” Health for All”, ” Women Empowerment” and “Entrepreneurship Development”. Being a Training Center it has vowed to donate 10% of its total sales amount to Foundation so help rural and urban bright students to continue their education. With partnership with Gandhi International Mission they are working on Health for All. Starting Women With Vision they have started working on Women Empowerment As well. Being a Investment Hub and Investment Consulting firm they are also working for promotion and development of Entrepreneurship Culture here in Nepal. It is registered Charity with the Not for Profit Status with Company Registration Office, Nepal.


  1. Education for All
  2. Training and Awareness Program
  3. Health and Safety Program
  4. Women Empowerment and Social Mobilization
  5. Entrepreneurship Development and Promotion
  6. Other Rescue Programs


  1. Poonam Khanal (Chairman)
  2. Saswot Raj Sharma (CEO)
  3. Janardhan Raj Sharma (Treasure)
  4. Sushant Raj Sharma (Managing Director)
  5. Mansi Agrawal (Board and Women Empowerment Program Director)
  6. Ankita Agrawal (Board and Medical Program Head)
  7. Deepti Bhattarai (Board and Legal and Empowerment Program Head)


Scholarship Program

To apply for Scholarship please do write with all your details at rstca.foundation@gmail.com.

We are having funds for scholarship for deserving, marginalized group, women and other who are seeking funds!

Funding is for Secondary Level, Higher Secondary Level, Bachelors Level and Masters Level! Funding can be fully funded or partially funded depending upon the availability of fund. Selection will be done by Committee of RSTCA Foundation and has solely right to select the candidate. Funding will be transparent and all the donation received and those who receive the funds will be posted on media.

Menstrual Hygiene Program

Dear all,

Recently the nation was stunned & embarrassed by the news of Death of a young girl who was bit by a snake in a
Chhaupadi hut.

Chhaupadi is an evil social practice where a girl in her menstrual period is asked to stay outside home and in a roadside hut, why, you ask? Because she is termed impure.

A human being termed impure just because of a natural process in the 21st century.

To create awareness among the rural population about menstrual hygiene and related evils, we are planning another campaign in Doti, Shekhar Nagarpalika.

Under the banners of Rstca Foundation & Gandhi International Mission, Dr. Ankita Agrawal, who is also known as the Padman of Nepal will be leading this campaign. She has recently completed successful campaigns in Sindhu pal chowk & Chitwan.

With this, We request everyone to help & support this program with Finance & Hygiene Goods. This campaign will require a sum of 1 lakh Rupees. Your support will be key to the success of this project.

Please call us at 9803886880 or 9840200230 for more details.

Health and Safety

We are doing some work on it soon.

Women Empowerment

Women With Vision I and Women With Vision II

We are doing Women Empowerment and Award Program since a long time. We have done entrepreneurs development, training and development, development of financial literacy and formation of 200 people committee who will work for empowerment and development Women Status in Nepal. To hear the success stories of Women in Nepal please do follow our Youtube Page. To learn more about it please do mail us at womenwithvisionngo@gmail.com.

Entrepreneurship Development

We are working on making capacity development to youths via many programs to foster their development. We have conducted more than 1000 youths training program and some of it are on our Youtube.

We also have our event coverage on our Facebook page as well where we share about our work done. We work for training and development, business setup support, search for local funds, search for market for their products and help to maintain their data via our software. Out theme is “If you don’t find job, Become Entrepreneur”. To learn more about it please do write us at rstca.mgmt@gmail.com.

Other Rescue Programs

In partnership with Lions Club, Rotary Club, Scout, JCI, Societies, Association, Federation, Chambers and Clubs we have partnership and network all over Nepal. When there is natural or any calamities we will open the fund that time for local support and rescue. Thank you

How Can You Join?

  1. Member: Become a Members and Work with Us on our Programs
  2. Patron: Share your knowledge with us
  3. Trustee: Share your assets and resources with us
  4. Program Coordinator:  Share your expertise and management skills with us
  5. Volunteer: Work with us closely
  6. Donor: Support us for our Program and Work in collaboration
  7. Adviser: Support us with your knowledge and experience
  8. Management Team: Work with us to manage our office

to join us please do mail us at rstca.foundation@gmail.com

DONATE US for your Cause

To donate your amount and make a impact in life of locals please do use the following link given below:

  1. Paypal: info@rstca.com.np
  2. Payoneer: info@rstca.com.np
  3. Skrill Money: 98978643
  4. E Sewa: +9779840200230
  5. Bank: Kumari Bank Limited, Durbarmarg, 1301524283660018, Raj Sharma Traders and Consulting Agency
  6. Cash: Dillibazar, CBM College, 3rd Floor, +9779840200230
  7. I Pay: info@rstca.com.np
  8. Khalti: +9779840200230
  9. Direct Donate to Paypal Click Here
  10. Donate via Card below

If you also have a project in mind where we can work on collaboration then we are open to it please do mail us at rstca.foundation@gmail.com