October 20, 2019

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things—a vast network of sensors and smart devices combined with advanced analytics and cloud services—promises to augment (and disrupt) many industry sectors. RSTCA works with customers to understand and unlock the value of IoT, and we also help IoT and Analytics vendors focus their resources and determine which battlegrounds they can most effectively compete on. Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IoT, from sensors, connectivity and lifecycle management to IoT platform analytics, security, applications and services.

What We Do

RSTCA brings breadth and depth to its IoT work, with capabilities that extend from global market analysis to strategy development to relevant experience and expertise on many of the capabilities at the heart of IoT. Our capabilities include:

  • Helping companies create or refine an IoT strategy and determine the highest value ways to incorporate IoT into existing business processes, new businesses, and performance improvement efforts.
  • Assisting companies to develop next-gen operations that incorporate IoT proofs of concept, digital roadmaps, and the associated analytics that turn data into action.
  • Working with vendors to understand customer needs, form the right partnerships, focus on the most attractive opportunities, and meet the security challenges inherent in IoT devices and applications.
  • Providing Advanced Analytics expertise to help customers derive maximum value from the enormous amount of data generated by IoT.
  • Helping vendors scale their IoT product and service offerings as we work with customers to address the organizational changes needed to build IoT into their digital strategies.