October 20, 2019

Digital Delivery

Automation. Machine learning. Data mining. Design thinking. These are no longer things that companies do, they are how companies do what they do. Vector is a digital delivery platform that propels innovation and accelerates transformation by ensuring that the right digital capabilities are at the heart of everything you do. Now you don’t have to focus on “going digital.” You are digital.

The era of the standalone digital project is over. Today, digital powers virtually every move a company makes. Analytics informs every high-stakes decision. And emerging technologies confer a huge advantage to the companies quick enough to spot them first. Vector brings all this together, infusing every project we work on with an integrated set of digital capabilities tailored to your strategy.

RSTCA has experts in data science, smart automation, prototyping, digital marketing, enterprise technology and related disciplines, enabling us to take a digital-first approach to every engagement. Our expertise is complemented by an expanding ecosystem of best-of-breed partners who are inventing tomorrow’s technologies today.

The result: a platform that unites the people, processes, technologies and support services you need to win in the digital age.

Our Digital Delivery Platform

Advanced Analytics

Turn your data into a competitive asset and make better, faster decisions as you transform your organization’s analytic muscles to thrive in the era of Big Data.


Tap the broad skills of ADAPT@RSTCA®, our Advanced Digital and Product Team, to fuel innovation and accelerate transformation by embracing human-centered design, rapid prototyping, usability testing, customer journey mapping, and more.

Digital Marketing

Transform your marketing function with FRWD@RSTCA, which combines strategy, organizational design and analytics with brand creative, media and marketing technology expertise to yield quick wins today as you build the internal skills to take marketing to an entirely new level.

Enterprise Technology

From systems architecture to operating model to cost structure, we work with you to modernize your technology organization so it provides maximum value and becomes a key component of your digital success.


Before you can embrace innovation you need to spot it; that’s what RSTCA Innovation Exchange is all about. We’ve created an extraordinary community of start-ups, incumbents, venture capital firms, and change-makers, all of whom work together to accelerate technology development, investment and commercialization.

Partnership Ecosystem

RSTCA expertise and experience are complemented by the RSTCA Alliance Ecosystem, an expanding network of best-of-breed technology partners and thought leaders who provide specialized services and capabilities, ensuring that the solutions we provide incorporate the latest advances.