September 17, 2017

CEO Service

If you want us to Manage your company for a period of 6 months or more then to request proposal please do mail us at

If you want to manage all your queries and database then we do have a CEO and Executive Management Software and CEO Service.

For whom?

For Prime Minister, Government, Politician, Scientist, Entrepreneur, CEO, Diplomats, PhD, Country Manager and All High Status Peoples

What is this Software?

  1. Tracking all works easily
  2. Tracking all meetings easily
  3. Tracking time and energy given easily
  4. Tracking all contacts and strategies
  5. Real time knowledge of work status
  6. Easy to report to seniors and delegate works
  7. Can be used for performance appraisal
  8. Knowledge of time and work
  9. Manage Time+ Effort+ Output and Success on your works
  10. Do work 4 time more faster and smoothly
  11. Making personal developmental plan
  12. Making life goals
  13. Giving time to all things equally and efficiently

Benefits of Executive Software


  1. Reduce redundant staff and expenses
  2. Reduce cost of printing
  3. Reduce cost of diary and pen and stationery
  4. Reduce the cost of searching format
  5. Reduce cost of knowing and research of what to do
  6. Reduce cost of tracking performance and data management


  1. Save time on data search, data manage, data filter, data sorting
  2. Save time on searching format to do things
  3. Save time to make format of management reporting
  4. Save time from loss of data
  5. Save time from thinking and over thinking
  6. Save time from tracking of works
  7. Save time on internal communications


  1. Speed on decision
  2. Knowledge of actual scenario
  3. Knowledge of business KPI
  4. Real time track of all details
  5. Making system smooth
  6. Internal way of doing things
  7. Six sigma tools
  8. Database based
  9. No tome waste on asking staff
  10. No lost of leads and money
  11. Tracking of cash works and others
  12. Research and development
  13. Continuous improvement
  14. Used for performance appraisal
  15. Making best use of man power


  1. Loss of Leads and Contacts
  2. Loss of To do List on Paper
  3. Loss of data and planning
  4. Loss of formats
  5. Loss of history of things done
  6. Loss of reputation while sharing what works are done this year
  7. Loss of Vision and Direction on life
  8. Loss of Personal Goals and Skills


  1. $350 for SME (Silver Version)
  2. $1000 for Corporates (Gold Version)
  3. $ 1500 for Executives (Platinum Version)
  4. AMC is 20% which is applicable annually

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