May 28, 2020

Block Chain

Ready to Build Blockchain Platform

RSTCA offers an easier way to adopt blockchain and transform your enterprise with the industry’s most comprehensive and enterprise grade blockchain platform. RSTCA Blockchain Platform securely extends your business processes and applications while enabling you to process business transactions much faster.

Ready to go Blockchain Applications

RSTCA blockchain applications are prebuilt and seamlessly connect with RSTCA SaaS, PaaS, and other cloud and on-premises third-party applications. They provide end-to-end visibility into multienterprise supply chain networks, establish trust between participating trading partners, and reduce development time. Businesses gain immediate benefits and achieve faster results.

Accelerate Blockchain Innovation with RSTCA Blockchain Platform Cloud Service

RSTCA  Blockchain Platform Cloud is a comprehensive, distributed ledger cloud platform that enables you to provision blockchain networks, join other organizations’ networks, and deploy and run smart contracts to update and query the ledger. Reliably share data and conduct trusted transactions with suppliers, banks, and other trade partners through integration with existing or new cloud-based or on-premise applications.


Blockchain Business Benefits


Are you ready for new opportunities from a transformative technology?

  • Enable new business models with a preassembled blockchain platform
  • Rapidly onboard network participants with an enterprise-grade blockchain
  • Improve transparency across your IT ecosystem with plug-and-play integrations


Looking for ways to extend your business network and improve time to market?

  • Drive new business through plug-and-play integrations
  • Quickly expand blockchain networks worldwide using RSTCA data center footprint
  • Speed-up existing business processes with RSTCA integration accelerators for SaaS and applications


Looking to expand faster and with less risk?

  • Reduce the delays and expense of manual processes with RSTCA secure, enterprise-grade blockchain platform
  • Reduce risk from a single point of failure and insider attacks with hybrid blockchain deployments
  • Reduce errors with RSTCA process and integration tools